Data Migration

Data Migration

Data, an extremely important asset in today’s world, can be a company’s whole business. Security and availability of this data is one of the crucial task any business has to handle efficiently and effectively. A data migration project can be a challenge because administrators must maintain data integrity, time the project so there is minimal impact to the business and keep an eye on costs. Any problem that occurs during the migration will affect the business, so a data migration plan is key to ensuring minimal disruption and downtime to the active business processes. Not all devices can read the same type of data and thus exists different databases and datatypes. Data migration consists of transferring this extremely important data between different formats. Data migration is one of the niche process as there is always a risk of data becoming obsolete while in process. At TRILLIT, we understand all these risks, provides various solutions of safe and secure data migration. And to handle these task we use latest upgraded technologies. Following are some of the services and technologies we provide in this segment.

Talend Studio

At TRILLIT, we use Talend Studio for data migration activities. Talend helps our developers get up and running fast with a full range of robust, open source integration software tools. It provides some extensive capabilities such as data extraction, data transformation. Talend has a rich thriving user community where users around the world share some of the best practices to develop faster, better and richer integrations.


Databases, an integral part of IT systems are used to store data. Each application has its own compatibility specifications and for this reason we use different databases depending upon the type of requirement of our client.Oracle, SQL MongoDB are few complex and integral databases we use while developing our applications. Each database gives us its own divine access to limitless services which can be further tailored to the exact specifications.

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