Developing with REACT

Why to use an old framework when there is ReactJs, a much better option when compared to other frameworks of JavaScript. We have the advantage of creating components and making it reuse-able. One of the most high lighting feature of ReactJs is that, the components not only render on client side but we can make them render at server side as well. Go on reading, you will get to know some really essential and useful features of Reactjs.

Server Side Rendering

This is one of the most important feature of ReactJs as earlier there was problem with other frameworks of JavaScript, the code written in earlier frameworks where not consider for the SEO by the browser. But Reactjs makes it possible for the developers to make the JSX code access by the browser for the SEO purposes. ReactJs is capable of rendering its initial state on the server which reduces the loading time of web pages.

Concept of Virtual DOM

React uses the concept of Virtual DOM(Data Object Model) which creates a data structure in memory to replicate the existing DOM. Then React compares the difference between Real DOM and Virtual DOM and updates the Virtual DOM efficiently according to the Real DOM. This saves a lot of time as it does not require the page to re-render on every single change. Rendering a Virtual DOM is always going be faster rather the rendering the actual UI of a Real DOM and thus it makes the website work more faster.

Unidirectional flow of data

ReactJs works directly with the components as it uses downward data binding approach which means that any changes made in child node will not affect the parent node hence making the code stable. To change an object a developer only needs to modify the state and apply the updates. This makes ReactJs really simple and easy to use and implement.
We at TRILLIT, after knowing the advantages of ReactJs our development team does not hunt for any other framework of JavaScript. As we know the growing popularity of ReactJs, our team has done a lot of research on it and now we have became expert in developing with React. You can rely on us and we assure you with the quality of web application which will run like never before.

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