How long does it take to build an app?

It really takes lot of time to build an application whether it is android or ios, it doesn't matter, time required is almost the same. We use React Native to build the android application, the advantage is that we do not require time separately to build application on a particular platform because the application build using React Native make it possible for the application to run on both the platforms. So why to give separate contract to any company for building the same application on two different platforms. We can do it alone and your application will run on both.

The strategy!!

This is usually the first and most crucial step which any organisation takes to decide a road map for to develop the application. Usually it takes around 8-10 days to decide, it is always advised that organisations must take as much time as they want to make a concrete road map for the development of the application. Multiple strategies must be decided for a single project so that if one plan fails then another plan can come into picture.

Design and Development

After deciding a concrete strategy, designing of the application starts which includes lots of time and creative effort because it very important for any application to look elegant as any end-user likes the quality design. Designing of the application takes around 5-7 days. Designing must not take more time because there will be a lot of design changes in future. After designing stage is completed development stage starts. Development of an application mostly depends on the design strategy as developers use the design pattern according to the decided design. It is usually said that it takes most of the time in development of a particular application. Time required for development of any application depends upon the difficulty of the project. Sometimes the development takes 50-75 days and some time it takes around 6 months. So the long story in short, design and development of any application requires around 60-120 days(approx).

Testing the application

When the design and development is completed, we test the application for its correctness and if any flaw or error is found or any design changes if found then re-working on that particular module is done to achieve the decided design and functionality. Usually of application takes around 7-10 days but if any scope of re-working is there then time required exceeds the stipulated time because after re-working on a particular module again testing will come into picture. It will take around 30-45 days.

Total time required by us!!

We at TRILLIT, have the required skills and we use modern technology to develop any application. If every thing suits our time boundary then our specialised team requires 75-90 days to build an application on any platform whether it is an IOS or android application.

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