Colourcoats Business Mobile Apps

Colourcoats Business Mobile Apps

Colour Coats is comprehensive solution created to track real-time progress in Home Décor segment. ColourCoats is an ultimate guide to finding right finishes, and the indispensable go-to source for everyone who wants to create a more beautiful lifestyle experience since finishes provide the final character to the interior space. 

With latest tech, we developed a solution which gives our client set of operations.

  • Track ongoing projects
  • Follow up and manage timelines at real time
  • Analyse quotations
  • Track and segregate expenses
  • Manage inventory stocks
  • Address grievances
  • Add, Modify new/old projects

The unique experience of handling multiple users at a time and organized framework to handle customer requirements makes processing efficient. The end result being time and cost saving, efficiency, quality and precise delivery.

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